A few of my friends has been asking me why there hasn't been any new entries. Well its because I've been moving my blog to wordpress! As well as changing all my photo link from flickr to smugmug.

The reasons why I have decided to move my blog to another website is because I feel that while blogger is an okay blogging tool but I kept having lots of problem adjusting it to the way I want, namely something with which was wider. But not a lot of theme can cater for a wider blog entry. Also the built-in editor is crap! Incredible hard to do anything like the more button that's very common on almost all known blogs. So after my birthday, I decided to check out wordpress.com and amazingly enough a lot of the features offered suited my needs, namely flexible width themes and an incredibly better editor!

So I spent a good portion of August just changing all my blog entries (wordpress offered a fantastic import function for all your entries but I needed to rework all the photo links from flickr to smugmug) and I also finally registered for my own domain! So now you can find me here at

Dreaming artemis

So please update all your links and do drop me a message to tell me what you think of my new website!
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